The Great City, Which Spiritually Is Called Sodom and Egypt, Where Also Our Lord Was Crucified

The above article title is taken from verses of Holy Scripture written within the E-book of The Apocalypse or E-book of The Revelation of John as given to him by Yashua Messiah:

Revelation 11:8-9 (KJV) And their useless our bodies shall lie on the street of The Nice Metropolis, which spiritually is known as Sodom and Egypt, the place additionally our Lord was crucified. 9 And so they of the folks and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their useless our bodies three days and an half, and shall not undergo their useless our bodies to be put in graves.

Now these Holy Scriptures are an integral a part of the brief narrative in regards to the preaching, educating actions and bravado of The Two Witnesses in The Final Days of The Final Days. Right here we will see that after the completion of their work for Yashua Messiah they’re each useless with their our bodies mendacity on the street, of The Nice Metropolis having been killed by The Satan himself. This is because of the truth that nobody else was highly effective sufficient to silence them. This tells us that such goes to be their Holy Religious Energy. I say “going to be” as a result of this occasion remains to be future, so do not imagine anybody who says in any other case.

Nonetheless, I’m not entering into the who’s, whys and wherefores of The Two Witnesses and their identities, as I have no idea who they’re, however what I do know is the id of The Nice Metropolis which is SPIRITUALLY referred to as SODOM and EGYPT the place Yashua Messiah (the Lord Jesus Christ) was crucified.

Now clearly many will, and do, declare that The Nice Metropolis is Jerusalem, however is that this appropriate? Let’s examine if it stacks up. The primary query we should ask is the place, precisely, was Yashua Messiah crucified? Was it truly in Jerusalem? No, under no circumstances, it was exterior the gates of the town at a location referred to as “The Place of a Cranium.” We should perceive that after exterior the town partitions of historical cities you had been now not in that metropolis.

Furthermore, there was a regulation at the moment of each The Canaanite Jews and The Romans that no executions might happen throughout the metropolis partitions of their cities. Executions at all times needed to happen with out the town partitions and so it was that inside shut proximity to Jerusalem there was this place referred to as The Place of A Cranium the place executions befell. This place referred to as The Place of A Cranium was in any other case known as Calvary by the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Faith, and that phrase comes from the Latin phrases ‘Calvaria’ or ‘Calvi capitis’. These phrases carry with them a sure significance which I’ll return to later.

Listed here are the three verses of Holy Scripture that discuss with this place exterior Jerusalem’s metropolis partitions referred to as: “The Place of A Cranium,” also referred to as Golgotha which, in accordance with Adam Clarke’s commentary, is from the Hebrew phrase ‘Golgoleth’.

Matthew 27:33 (KJV) And once they had been come unto a spot referred to as Golgotha, that’s to say, A Place of a Cranium.

Mark 15:22 (KJV) And so they deliver Him unto the place Golgotha, which is, being interpreted, The Place of a Cranium.

John 19:17 (KJV) And He bearing His cross went forth into a spot referred to as The Place of a Cranium, which is known as within the Hebrew Golgotha.

Luke’s account is barely completely different and solely makes point out of the Latin based mostly phrase Calvary:

Luke 23:33 (KJV) And once they had been come to the place, which is known as Calvary, (‘Calvaria’ or ‘Calvi capitis’). there they crucified Him, and the malefactors, one on the fitting hand, and the opposite on the left. (Brackets mine)

OK, so if The Nice Metropolis shouldn’t be Jerusalem, which metropolis is John referring to, as a result of we may be 100% certain it isn’t actually Golgotha as a result of Golgotha was only a naked hilly knoll exterior Jerusalem with no metropolis on it in any respect, so what is going on on? SPIRITUALITY is occurring and the phrase ‘SPIRITUALLY’ is essentially the most essential phrase on this verse of Revelation 11.

Let’s be clear, we aren’t speaking a few literal Sodom, nor a literal Egypt, however a SPIRITUAL Sodom and a SPIRITUAL Egypt and it is all sooner or later, for at present and the close to future. Let me repeat that in different phrases and let it even be clear in our minds that John is unquestionably not talking in regards to the first century however, fairly, the twenty first century the place we are going to discover an lively religious Sodom and an lively religious Egypt all mixed inside a Nice Metropolis the place The Two Witnesses are slain and mendacity useless on the street of that metropolis.

We now transfer on to the marginally extra illusive SPIRITUAL location of the place our Lord, Yashua Messiah was crucified and we actually want to know this level, as a result of Jerusalem is out of the equation for 2 causes: 1) as proven, Yashua Messiah was not crucified there and a couple of) Jerusalem shouldn’t be an important metropolis and it by no means was. It is going to be sooner or later when the New Jerusalem comes down out of heaven, however not till then.

So what’s The Nice Metropolis? Straightforward, The E-book of Revelation tells us and it tells us eight instances. Listed here are simply three examples:

Rev 14:8 (KJV) And there adopted one other angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that Nice Metropolis, as a result of she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

Rev 17:18 (KJV) And the lady which thou sawest is that Nice Metropolis, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Rev 18:10 (KJV) Standing afar off for the worry of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that Nice Metropolis Babylon, that mighty metropolis! for in a single hour is thy judgment come.

So right here we’ve got the Scriptural and SPIRITUAL Nice Metropolis and there is just one scriptural and religious Nice Metropolis, people, not two or three scriptural and religious Nice Cities, neither is it Jerusalem, it is BABYLON!! The factor is, how can or not it’s Babylon? Wasn’t Babylon completely destroyed by The Persians circa 515 BC? Sure it was, but it surely didn’t die as a result of SPIRITUALLY The Persians stored it alive till they had been conquered after which The Greeks stored it alive till they had been conquered lastly by The Romans who stored it alive, adopted by the unholy non secular Romans – The Roman Cult, who continues to maintain it alive to this present day – BABYLON IS STILL HERE TODAY AND IS VERY MUCH ALIVE AND KICKING, FOLKS!!!

Unnecessary-to-say, Revelation 11:8 refers to religious Sodom and religious Egypt, NOT religious Babylon. So how does Babylon change into Sodom and Egypt as effectively? Straightforward, as a result of we’re coping with religious wickedness, Babylon, Sodom and Egypt had been/are the overall summation of satanic religious wickedness – Babylon with its mysticism, sorceries, divinations and psychopathic cruel brutality. Sodom with it is sexual sadistic perversions and its cruelty to visiting strangers and Egypt with its heathen polytheism – the trinity deity, solar worship (solstices), obelisks, fertility rites and its all enveloping idolatry. These three locations in historical past had been/are essentially the most satanic, debauched, diabolical, heathen, evil and savage locations on the face of this earth and since they had been/are the summation of all of the earth’s evil they qualify for being the place the place Yashua Messiah symbolically was crucified.

We should keep in mind, too, that Golgotha, simply exterior Jerusalem’s metropolis partitions, was actually simply one other outpost of Roman/Babylonian Empire and it was not managed by the Canaanite Jews and their Pharisee and Sadducee masters. Pontius Pilate, because the Procurator Fiscal, was a direct administrative and army consultant of Caesar and he was like a king’s ambassador within the Roman/Babylonian province of Judea.

As a related apart the title Procurator Fiscal remains to be an official workplace within the so referred to as British ‘Crown Workplace’ in Scotland at present. Simply to tell us that Rome/Babylon remains to be very a lot alive and operational in twenty first century Britain.

So what am I saying? I’m saying that though Yashua Messiah was crucified in place referred to as Judea within the Center East, it was actually in Rome/Babylon at a spot referred to as Golgotha – A Place of A Cranium. Furthermore, if we return to the place I discussed Calvary as the opposite identify for The Place of A Cranium we are going to start to see the place the symbolism actually begins to kick in. As a way to reveal this symbolism I’ll copy the Greek MSS transliteral model of two of the above verses in order that we will see:

John 19:17 (Greek Transliteral) And bearing the pale (cross) of-Him He-out-came into the being-said of-skull (kraniou) place which is-being-said to-Hebrew Golgotha.

Luke 23:33 first half (Greek Transliteral) And when they-from-came on the place the being-called cranium (kranion) there they impale Him and so forth. and so forth.

I’ve used the Greek MSS transliteral with a purpose to reveal that the phrase Calvary as utilized in Luke’s Gospel is the extra correct translation than Cranium as a result of it refers back to the phrase kranion or kraniou as in John’s Gospel. From these Greek phrases we get our English phrase skull which is on the TOP of our skulls. This, too, is what was being alluded to in all 4 Gospels not a complete cranium inclusive of jaw bones and enamel, simply the skull.

Moreover, from the “Golgotha Rediscovered” internet web page we be taught that Golgotha was extra than simply The Place of a Cranium. Extra precisely it was The Place of a Cranium Cap or skull (kranion), and the images on the “Golgotha Rediscovered” internet web page will bear me out on this. This important revelation is telling us that it was the minds of those who reside beneath cranium caps that introduced in regards to the crucifixion of Yashua Messiah.

So who had been these folks? The Babylonish Canaanite Romans and The Babylonian Talmudic Canaanite Jews and even at present the cardinals and rabbis of each these satanic non secular cults put on cranium caps. They each have their very own names, too, for this explicit sort of head put on, however they’re each the identical to take a look at and each cowl their craniums (kranions). The Canaanite Jew rabbis name theirs the ‘Yarmulke’ and Roman Cult name theirs the ‘Zucchetto’.

Now that is all nice and dandy I hear you say, however what about this Nice Metropolis of Babylon/Rome ‘cos you will not discover many rabbis there’ll you? Effectively that is true to a degree, however nothing is kind of so simple as it appears. In the present day The Roman Cult shouldn’t be what it was since Vatican II and it has been closely infiltrated by Canaanite Jews, particularly the so referred to as Society of Jesus (The Jesuits). This mingling of the 2 sects is defined in Daniel chapter 2 with the imagery of King Nebuchadnezzar’s Picture.

This nice picture had legs of Iron which represented Rome in all its guises, each historical and unholy fashionable, however after we get to the ft and toes of this picture we discover the Iron is weakened by the mingling of Miry Clay i.e. The Canaanite Jews being the Miry Clay with the Roman Iron. This implies we’ve got a mingling of the 2 sects each with their cranium caps. We should perceive that these two satanic religions are much more carefully intertwined than many realise – proving that The Satan shouldn’t be divided.

Now many will say, come off it, you are joking, these two religions hate one another’s guts, which is true to a level, however they do have one factor very a lot in frequent – THEY BOTH HATE YASHUA MESSIAH and True Followers of Yashua Messiah and with a venomous hatred. Now this mutual hatred for True Followers of Yashua Messiah is sort of a sturdy bonding adhesive, you understand the type, do not you? You stick two items of fabric along with this gloop, and it then turns into inconceivable to tug them aside once more, so sturdy is the bond, and that is how it’s now with these two satanic teams of spiritual folks. They each have a standard enemy in Yashua Messiah – The Manner and His followers and that has made them overlook most of their variations in the intervening time.

Nonetheless, are we any nearer to figuring out The Nice Metropolis that’s spiritually Babylon, Sodom and Egypt? Sure, in fact, it must be Rome or higher The Vatican Metropolis State in Rome which is Religious Babylon. It’s the capital metropolis of the Cranium Cap the place Yashua Messiah was Spiritually crucified i.e. by these whose descendants now put on Cranium Caps – each Jewish and Papist – The Place of a Cranium (Kranion) – SPIRITUAL GOLGOTHA.

Do not forget, too, that Rome/Babylon is The Nice Metropolis that claimed the lives of 1000’s of saints, together with Peter and Paul and it’ll take the lives of The Two Witnesses, however just for three and a half days when they are going to be miraculously resurrected from the useless and raised in energy to be with Yashua Messiah and the remainder of The Saints for all eternity.

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